A National Park on Bowen Island

November 2011

The Community Opinion Vote concerning the National Park Reserve was held in conjunction with Municipal Elections, on November 19th. The question asked was “Do you support the creation of a National Park Reserve on Bowen Island? Yes/No”. The results were:

  • Yes: 901
  • No: 1089
  • Rejected ballots: 14

As a result of this outcome, Parks Canada issued the following statement:

Parks Canada, together with the Bowen Island Municipality and the Government of British Columbia, explored the possibility of establishing national park reserve lands on Bowen Island. National park reserve lands protect natural areas and cultural features and offer opportunities for experiencing and appreciating Canada's natural heritage.

We appreciate the extensive efforts Bowen Island residents made to participate in the feasibility assessment process. There is insufficient support for the proposal to move forward.

It has been an honour to work with such a passionate and engaged group of citizens.”

October 2011

We wrote a letter to the Bowen Island Undercurrent concerning our position on the proposed National Park Reserve.

On October 4th, 2011, the Conservancy's Board of Directors of the Conservancy met with representatives of Parks Canada. Read about the topics discussed and the responses from Parks Canada.

March 2011

In response to the Preliminary Park Concept, we completed and submitted the Parks Canada feedback form.

November 2010

We provided Parks Canada and the Bowen Island Municipality with a response to the draft Vision and Concepts document.

Partners for the Park

Partners for the Park is a group of Bowen Islanders and mainlanders exploring the possibilities and the potential benefits of a national park reserve on Bowen. They created a website providing more information.

Some information about Parks Canada

Will Husby prepared a document that was intended to be a contribution to the conversation about a National Park Reserve on Bowen Island.

The document asked the questions: What is Parks Canada? and What does Parks Canada do? Will has kindly agreed to allow us to publish this document here on our website.

Read the complete document (PDF, 202 Kb).