The Bowen Island Conservancy is committed to protecting and preserving the natural environment of the island: from endangered coastal bluffs to inland lakes to wetlands and fens. We are an all-volunteer organization with over 150 members, who either live on the island or have some sort of close connection with it.

Our vision is that the integrity and biodiversity of Bowen Island's natural lands will be protected and enhanced for future generations.

We are a non-profit, registered charitable organization. We work with the public, landowners, and different levels of government to conserve, protect, sustain, and enhance the quality of the natural environment of Bowen Island, neighbouring islets, and surrounding waters. To accomplish this, we use a creative and collaborative approach to conservation by achieving long-term stewardship through management plans and monitoring agreements of sensitive areas, and, when possible, working to secure ecologically significant natural areas through purchases, donations, conservation agreements, or other mechanisms. Learn about:

Our work involves:

  1. Management and improvement/restoration of local Nature Reserves;
  2. Public education;
  3. Liaison and collaboration with other organizations (for example, the Bowen Island Municipality, and the Islands Trust Conservancy;
  4. Acquisition of ecologically-valuable land;
  5. Arranging conservation covenants.

Our Constitution and Bylaws

As a BC Society, we are governed by:

Our history

Learn about our roots which date back to early 1996.