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Fall 2009 Update

The Trust Society has perceived that there has been some misunderstanding as to what has happened since the Owners of the Cape submitted their latest application for a 59-lot subdivision on June 4, 2009. On October 29, 2009, our CAO,

Legal Opinion on CRC Subdivision Application

July 30, 2009 There have been numerous statements over the past few months suggesting that the owners of CRC have the “legal right” to a 58-lot subdivision at Cape Roger Curtis. None of these statements can be attributed to a

Parks Canada Initiative – Fall/Winter 2009

Following the April 5, 2009 public information meeting at BICS in which Trust Society Board member Jan Wells added Option F from the floor (requesting the Municipality to explore the possibility of acquiring enough funds from various levels of government

CRC Trust Society makes clear its position

A Letter to the BI Undercurrent, February 27, 2009 As most people on Bowen already know, the CRC Trust Society has worked tirelessly for over 5 years to preserve and protect the lands of Cape Roger Curtis as stated in

Trust Society comments on Neighbourhood Plan of September 2008

Letter to Bowen Island Municipality Attention:  Michael Rosen 81 Artisan Lane Bowen Island BC  V0N 1G0 February 11, 2009 Re: Cape Roger Curtis—Neighbourhood Plan—September 2008 The Cape Roger Curtis Trust Society has been asked to comment on the development options for

Disappointment: The Owner’s New Proposal for Cape Roger Curtis

Background Last year the owners of the CRC lands decided to embark on a new direction in developing the property. Their initiative at the time, to create a 58 lot subdivision, was creating an increasingly acrimonious debate with the Bowen

Cape Trust Society praised for quality of work

by Julie Andres – Bowen Island Undercurrent April 11, 2008 Mayor Bob Turner gave a round of compliments to The Cape Roger Curtis Trust Society at their AGM last Saturday. “You deserve credit for your professionalism and for seeking legal

Fifty-eight-lot subdivision application for the Cape shouldn’t be on the table

April 4, 2008 Bowen Island Undercurrent We urge council to exercise its authority to require the owners of the Cape Roger Curtis (CRC) lands to withdraw their application for a 58-lot subdivision for the following reasons: The Cape Roger Curtis

Why environmental inventories are insufficient for conservation planning: Comments on the 2008 PGL report on CRC

by Alejandro Frid,, February 28, 2008 Introduction Here I comment on the PGL (January 2008) report on CRC. To make the best use of the time I can allot to volunteer work, I will focus on ecological issues that

Trust Society Comments on Ekistics’ Preliminary Neighbourhood Plan and Implementation Options

Letter from the Directors of the Cape Roger Curtis Trust Society Bowen Island Municipality Attention: Michael Rosen 81 Artisan Lane Bowen Island, BC V0N 1G0 January 3, 2008 Re: Cape Roger Curtis—Preliminary Neighbourhood Plan and Implementation Options The Cape Roger

CRC Transportation Study Points to the Need for an OCP Review

by Nerys Poole February 10, 2008, submitted for publication to Bowen Island Undercurrent I have just reviewed the Cape Roger Curtis (CRC) Comprehensive Transportation Impact Study prepared by Opus Hamilton for the CRC owners, dated February 2008. There are a

Four-legged friend or foe? Dog walking displaces native birds from natural areas

By Peter B. Banks and Jessica V. Bryant Biology Letters (2007) 3, 611-613 Dog walking is among the world's most popular recreational activities, attracting millions of people to natural areas each year with diverse benefits to human and canine health.

It’s all in the numbers-–hundreds of houses are just too many

by Don Maclean February 08, 2008, Bowen Island Undercurrent Yes Virginia, size matters, particularly population size that has to be absorbed by a struggling infrastructure that has enough problems fixing potholes. Completely ignoring all the wonderful amenities and beachfront parks

Council encouraged to instate DCCs

by Bill Granger February 08, 2008, Bowen Island Undercurrent Thanks for publishing Ian Fry’s letter about the horrible state of Bowen’s roads, especially targeting the heavy traffic of eighteen-wheelers coming and going, taking our precious forest logs and bringing tonnes

Developers should be held to task

by Ian Fry February 01, 2008, Bowen Island Undercurrent EXCERPT: If ever there was an opportunity to pay more than lip service to the term ‘green’ this should have been it. When people say that they want to get away

Mitigating and adapting to Climate Change through conservation of nature

By Sara J. Wilson and Richard J. Hedba January 2008 The projected and real consequences of climate change are now being recognized, along with considerable demand for alternatives to the energy and transportation systems that have dominated the last half