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The salmon are back on Bowen Island!

Bob Turner (a member of our Board) has made a beautiful short film documenting the return of Chum salmon to the Terminal Creek Lagoon area earlier this year. The Chum are entering the Lagoon, spawning in the Lagoon in various

11-Mar: Terminal Creek Salmon Hatchery presentation and tour

The first event in our 2017 Speaker Series was a presentation and tour of the Terminal Creek Salmon Hatchery, hosted by the Bowen Island Fish and Wildlife Club (BIFWC). We met in the Bill Rush Memorial Classroom, and spent about

Restoration work in the David Otter Nature Reserve

We received funding for some restoration work in the David Otter Nature Reserve from the Islands Trust Fund in late 2016. The work was delayed because of the harsh winter weather but was completed in February 2017. We planted 50

26-Nov: 2016 Annual General Meeting

Our 2016 Annual General Meeting was held at 10:00 am on Saturday, November 26th, 2016, in the Multipurpose Room at the Bowen Island Community School (1041 Mt. Gardner Road). View the slides presented during the formal business meeting, in PDF

The Great Howe Sound Recovery comes to Bowen Island!

We are very pleased to be able to bring the Great Howe Sound Recovery film and speaker event to Bowen Island, on Saturday, November 5th. Howe Sound is home to vibrant communities, strong economies, and stunning nature, which attracts locals

What’s so important about “the wee fish”?

For the last two years the Conservancy has been conducting a Forage Fish program on beaches around Bowen Island. Volunteers have been sampling the beaches looking for evidence that Pacific Sand Lance, Capelin, and Surf Smelt spawn on our sandy

The Great Howe Sound Recovery

Howe Sound is home to vibrant communities, strong economies, and stunning nature, which attracts locals and visitors alike. The David Suzuki Foundation and the Coastal Ocean Research Institute held an evening session on May 4th, to watch four short films

The revitalization of Mannion Bay

The Bowen Island community and government agencies—including the Bowen Island Municipality—are working together to restore socioecologic and socioeconomic integrity in Mannion Bay. Below, you’ll find a short video about progress on the revitalization of this Howe Sound gem, Bowen’s “marine

What lands are protected on Bowen Island?

Ever wonder exactly what is protected on our Island? One way to find out is to look at the Islands Trust Conservancy’s (ITC) Parks and Protected Areas data, which is a helpful resource that’s regularly updated. You can view the

Speaker series: Squamish River Watershed Society

Our 2016 Spring Speaker Series wrapped up with Randall Lewis, President of the Squamish River Watershed Society and Environmental Co-coordinator with the Squamish Nation. Randall talked about the Squamish Nation and their presence in this area, and the Society’s work.

Speaker series: Green Shores initiative

Our 2016 Spring Speaker series continued on March 5th, 2016, with a presentation by DG Blair, about the Green Shores initiative. DG holds a B.Sc. in Biological Sciences and a M.Sc. in Environmental Education and Communications. As Executive Director of

Exploring options at Quarry Park and Bob’s Knob

Quarry Park and Bob’s Knob are beautiful places in their own right, but also form part of an extensive trail network that eventually leads to the Fairy Fen Nature Reserve. As time passes, though, nature takes its course and trees

Speaker series: 2015 UN Climate Change Conference

Our 2016 Speaker Series continued with a presentation by Merran Smith, Executive Director, Clean Energy Canada, and a fellow at Simon Fraser University. Merran is a member of the B.C. government’s Climate Leadership Team, and the City of Vancouver’s Renewable

Minutes of our Board meetings

We are going to post the minutes of each of our Board meetings on this website, once they have been approved. If you would like to see what the Board is working on, the minutes will give you insight into

We’re on Facebook and Instagram!

We have a couple of new ways of keeping in touch: Follow our Facebook page, and Follow “bowenislandconservancy” on Instagram

“Green Legacies: A Donor’s Guide to BC” now available

Giving to nature through a personal legacy is a choice that directly contributes to conservation of wildlife and wildlife habitat. Over twenty kinds of green legacies are available to increasing the amount and quality of land available to nature. Green