20 July: Lecture on the management of England’s Royal Forests

Dr. Keith Pluymers, an environmental historian from the California Institute of Technology, will be presenting a public lecture on Thursday, 20th July, at the SFU Harbour Centre campus at 5.30 pm.

The title of Dr. Pluymer’s lecture is ‘Other Ages shall have cause to speak of this Age’: The politics of sustainability under Charles I. He will talk about the management of royal forests in England and Ireland during the opening decades of the seventeenth century.

What did it mean to be sustainable in early modern England? Successive English monarchs from Elizabeth I through Charles I and the subsequent Commonwealth government and Protectorate under Oliver Cromwell pursued policies to reform the management of royal forests and ensure steady supplies of wood for themselves and “posterity”. Yet such policies also revealed conflicts over commons, tensions between state bureaucracy and private management, and friction between a centralizing state and local authority. Issues of environmental justice, increasingly resonant today, were also at the heart of early modern attempts at sustainable forestry.

When: Thursday, July 20th at 5:30 pm

Where: Room 1415, SFU Vancouver Campus, Harbour Centre, 515 West Hastings Street, Vancouver

All are welcome.

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