23 Sep: A visit to Apodaca Park

On Sunday, 23 September, with support from BC Parks, the Bowen Island Conservancy is going to take a group of people on a hike to visit Apodaca Provincial Park, which is located on the eastern shore of Bowen Island. The

Seasons in the Sound: a short movie

Bob Turner (a member of our Board) has made another beautiful short film about the last nine months as he went looking for Wild Nature through the “off season” (autumn, winter, and spring). This film is part of Bob’s ongoing

03-Jun: Coho Bon Voyage (11:00 am to 2:00 pm)

The first Sunday in June is a special day for Bowen Island Fish & Wildlife Club (BIFWC) salmon enhancement volunteers who have worked hard over the last 6 months incubating, feeding, and releasing salmon fry raised in the Terminal Creek

28-Feb: The Vanishing Caribou Rainforest

Island Pacific School is presenting a film and conservation talk on Wednesday, February 28th, from 1:00-2:30 pm. The film, Last Stand, shows the home of the caribou in the world’s largest remaining inland temperate rainforest, and shows how critical human

Anchovy: a keystone species in Atl’kitsem/Howe Sound

Bob Turner (a member of our Board) has made a beautiful short film about the giant schools of anchovy that appeared in 2015/2016 in Howe Sound, and the resulting flush of whales, sea lions, seals, and salmon that feast on

27-Jan: Where are the Whales? Monitoring and protecting Cetaceans through Citizen Science

Our 2018 Speaker Series began on Saturday, 27 January, with a presentation by Jessica Torode about the BC Cetaceans Sighting Network. We learned how to identify the different species of cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises) in BC waters, the threats

25-Nov: 2017 Annual General Meeting

Our 2017 Annual General Meeting will be held at 1:00 pm on Saturday, November 25th, 2017, in the Multipurpose Room at the Bowen Island Community School (1041 Mt. Gardner Road). This year we will continue our tradition of a guest

28-Oct: The truth about a Community Forest: how it could tear Bowen Island apart

Although the threat of industrial logging on Bowen Island has receded somewhat, we are hearing about the possibility of creating a community forest/woodlot and how that will give us control over what happens with our forests. But all is not

26-Jul: We are out of the BCTS FSP

Below is a message that the Bowen Island Conservancy received earlier today from Enrique Sanchez at BC Timber Sales. Greetings: BC Timber Sales (BCTS)–Chinook is cancelling the open house scheduled for July 30, 2017 on Bowen Island. BCTS-Chinook has decided

29-Jul: Be a part of the Whale Trail!

Bowen Island is now a part of the Whale Trail, which is a series of more than 50 sites around the Pacific Northwest where the public may view orcas, other cetaceans, and marine mammals from shore. Join us, along with

News about the Howe Sound UNESCO Biosphere Initiative

Following up on her April 2017 Speaker Series presentation about the Howe Sound UNESCO Biosphere Initiative, Ruth Simons has written to tell us that she plans to arrange a meeting of the Conservancies from around Howe Sound for the purpose

04-Jun: Coho Bon Voyage

We are posting this for the BIFWC. The first Sunday in June is always a special day for Bowen Island Fish & Wildlife (BIFWC) volunteers who have worked so hard over the last six months incubating, feeding, and releasing salmon

08-Apr: Howe Sound UNESCO Biosphere Region Initiative

Our 2017 Speaker Series wrapped up on 8th April with a talk by Ruth Simons, Executive Director of the Future of Howe Sound Society (FHSS) and a life-long resident of the region. Since 2011 the Society has engaged with many

The salmon are back on Bowen Island!

Bob Turner (a member of our Board) has made a beautiful short film documenting the return of Chum salmon to the Terminal Creek Lagoon area earlier this year. The Chum are entering the Lagoon, spawning in the Lagoon in various

11-Mar: Terminal Creek Salmon Hatchery presentation and tour

The first event in our 2017 Speaker Series was a presentation and tour of the Terminal Creek Salmon Hatchery, hosted by the Bowen Island Fish and Wildlife Club (BIFWC). We met in the Bill Rush Memorial Classroom, and spent about

Restoration work in the David Otter Nature Reserve

We received funding for some restoration work in the David Otter Nature Reserve from the Islands Trust Fund in late 2016. The work was delayed because of the harsh winter weather but was completed in February 2017. We planted 50