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01-Dec: Letter to DFO concerning the Herring Fishery

We oppose the commercial fishery

In an earlier post this year we stated our opposition to the commercial herring fishery in the Salish Sea. Herring stocks are in decline generally, and since herring are a critical link in the marine food web between plankton and larger fish, marine mammals, and birds, it is fundamentally important to take steps to avoid further decline.

We have formed a committee to focus on this issue, and plan to use arguments based on science, economics, and culture to pressure government to eliminate or drastically reduce the commercial fishery. As well, we are collaborating with the Hornby Island Conservancy, and other organizations, on this issue.

We have written a letter to Fisheries and Oceans Canada seeking assurance that there will be no commercial herring fishery in Howe Sound in the near future.

Thumbnail image of letter to DFO concerning herring fishery
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