23 Sep: A visit to Apodaca Park

On Sunday, 23 September, with support from BC Parks, the Bowen Island Conservancy is going to take a group of people on a hike to visit Apodaca Provincial Park, which is located on the eastern shore of Bowen Island.

The Park is normally only accessible by water, but we have been given permission to hike over private land with a group of up to 35. This is a rare chance to see the Park (the last time was in 2012) and we will be accompanied by Alan Whitehead, who will talk about the onshore ecology and some things to see once we get to our destination.

We will be leaving Snug Cove around 9:30 am on the 23rd, and will return at about noon.

Want to join us?

If you’d like to take part in this hike, please send an email to: bowenislandconservancy@gmail.com. Let us know:

  • Who you are (we need to know all the people in your group, if you are emailing on behalf of others)
  • How to contact you by phone

You do not have to be a member of the Conservancy to join us. And there is no charge for participating.

Please note

  1. This is a “medium difficulty” hike of about 45 minutes each way. It is not for beginners, there are some steep grades on the way, and the trail is quite rough.
  2. We are unable to accomodate children under 5 unless you are going to carry them into the Park, and out again.
  3. Before you begin the hike you will be asked to sign a waiver that absolves the Conservancy and the landowner whose property we will cross from liability.

Photos from our 2012 visit

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