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Camping at Cape Roger Curtis

Camper at Cape Roger Curtis

We are seeing people camping on our lands and adjacent lots at the Cape almost every week.

It’s a very serious problem: apart from the damage that campers do, there is a major risk from their fires (and we have found plenty of evidence that, despite the current ban, campers are making fires). Unfortunately there is little that we can do apart from asking campers to leave when we find them, and this doesn’t always go well. So, all we can really do at this point is monitor the situation.

If you see campers on our lands, please report via an email message to us. You can also call 604.947.0973 to make a report. And please email us if you are willing to monitor the lands on a regular basis, perhaps once a week or so. Note that we do not want you to confront any campers that you see on our lands!