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26-Jul: We are out of the BCTS FSP

Below is a message that the Bowen Island Conservancy received today from Enrique Sanchez at BC Timber Sales.


BC Timber Sales (BCTS)–Chinook is cancelling the open house scheduled for July 30, 2017 on Bowen Island. BCTS-Chinook has decided to remove Bowen Island (Salish Forest Development Unit) from its current Forest Stewardship Plan (FSP) proposal, since there are no immediate or mid-term harvest plans for the island, and Bowen Island residents have expressed a desire to develop a community engagement strategy that will exceed the timeframe required for approval of the FSP

Best Regards,

Enrique Sánchez, R.P.F
Planning Forester
British Columbia Timber Sales
Chinook Business Area
Chilliwack B.C.
Tel: 604-702-5748 Fax: 604-702-5711

So no open House, no Thousand Person March, and we can get back to enjoying our lives in peace and quiet. Thanks to all of you who sent letters and emails to various individuals in government and the media with your views on this issue. This is great win for Bowen Island!