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Donations to help us protect the Cape lands

Help us protect Cape Roger Curtis

We are working to preserve and protect the remaining undeveloped lands at Cape Roger Curtis.

We have made two proposals to Metro Vancouver and are hoping for a positive outcome for Bowen Island.

We are very grateful for the support we have been receiving so far. You can help us in our initiative by making a financial contribution to the Conservancy.

Please e-transfer your donation to:


Your donation will be automatically deposited in an account designated solely for use on the Cape initiative, and we’ll send you a tax receipt for any amount of $20 or more.

How will donations be used?

We do not know what the outcome of submitting our proposals to Metro Vancouver will be. We may end up in a collaborative partnership, or we may be able to acquire the undeveloped lands outright. We believe it is unlikely that both of our proposals will be rejected, and so we expect to face various fees (for legal, tax, and other assistance). In the event, however, that we are not successful, your donation will be used for our activities at the Wild Coast Nature Refuge.