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Thanks to the Garden Club for their generous donation

Funding for the Wild Coast Nature Refuge

We are delighted to have received a donation of $6,000 from the Bowen Island Garden Club, to assist us with ongoing projects at the Wild Coast Nature Refuge.

Left to right: Owen Plowman and Paul Hay (Conservancy), Laura McGregor and Betty Morton (Garden Club)

Earlier this year the Garden Club decided to hold a special evening event, which they named “Art in the Garden“. Held in late July at the home of Doug Elliott and Owen Plowman (Owen is President of the Conservancy), the evening brought together Bowen Island artists, who exhibited their works in the garden, and island residents and visitors, who were able to wander in the garden, view the art, and purchase individual pieces.

As well, attendees were able to sample a special set of wines curated by our local expert, Paul Rickett.

The Garden Club decided to support the Conservancy by donating profits from the event for use at the Wild Coast Nature Refuge. We are very grateful for their wonderful gesture and their support.