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14-Mar: A conservation area at Cape Roger Curtis!

Lot 21 looking West at Cape Roger Curtis

This photo was taken at Cape Roger Curtis Lot 21, looking West. To see a panoramic, uncropped view, click on the photo (the photo is large so it may take some time to load)

A local family (who wish to remain anonymous) has proposed an offer to purchase 3 waterfront lots at Cape Roger Curtis (CRC), to create a 30 acre conservation area. The family want this land to be preserved for conservation purposes in perpetuity, and made available for the enjoyment of residents and visitors to Bowen Island.

At long last our much-desired waterfront conservation area at Cape Roger Curtis is within reach! The CRC developers contacted us 2 weeks ago with the news that they are open to an offer to acquire these 3 lots. Very welcome news!

The lots in question, 20, 21, and 22, are extremely beautiful. Whales swim past just off the lichen-covered cliffs, a litle way from a peaceful forest. Conservation status would protect the rare coast bluff ecosystem that’s present, and make it possible to remedy the damage done by preliminary development activities.

We are working with the family who wishes to donate funds, and on moving forward with other activities that will put us in a position to make an offer some time in the next few weeks. The process is complicated and there are many activities that require coordination and knowledge from individuals with special expertise (for example, we need legal counsel, tax advice, and so on). Since we received the news from the Cape developers we have been working hard and have made good progress.

The exact location of these lots and the conservation area that would result is shown on the map below.

Map showing the proposed park at Cape Roger Curtis

Photos taken from the water

We are grateful to Bob Turner for making these photos available.