Annual General Meetings

Our Annual General Meetings are held every year in late November or early December. As well as the formal business meeting we always include a guest speaker presentation or talk.

Information about our past Annual General Meetings is below.

  • 26-Nov-2022. Guest speakers: Mark Edmons and Bob Turner.
  • 27-Nov-2021. Guest speaker: Ruth Simons.
  • 28-Nov-2020. Guest speakers: Sue Ellen Fast, Owen Plowman, and Bob Turner.
  • 23-Nov-2019. Guest speaker: Jon Chiang.
  • 24-Nov-2018. Guest speaker: Dr. Andrew Wright.
  • 25-Nov-2017. Guest speakers: Bob Turner and Tim Pardee.
  • 26-Nov-2016. Guest speaker: Jae Mather.
  • 28-Nov-2015. Guest speaker: Richard Wiefelspuett.
  • 22-Nov-2014. Guest speaker: Stephen Foster.
  • 23-Nov-2013. Guest speaker: Bob Turner.
  • 17-Nov-2012. Guest speaker: Dr. Andrew Wright.
  • 03-Dec-2011. Guest speakers: Laurence Brown and Gerry Mignault of the Camosun Bog Restoration Group.
  • 20-Nov-2010. Bad weather prevented our guest speakers from attending (instead they presented at the 2011 AGM).