Our Goals

The Bowen Island Conservancy is a BC Society, and was established to:

  1. Identify and initiate the establishment, protection, and management of environmentally sensitive areas, including areas of vital habitat, areas with high scenic value, territories protecting watersheds, and conservation areas;
  2. Increase public awareness of, appreciation for, and understanding of the natural and heritage resources of Bowen Island and the practices that sustain these resources;
  3. Facilitate research, public education, and community participation in environmental stewardship, land use management and conservation;
  4. Collect, interpret. and publish information about Bowen’s resources and make this information readily available for use on Bowen Island, in order to contribute to public education and community planning;
  5. Participate in and contribute to the management of Bowen Island’s natural resources on public and private lands;
  6. Liaise with all levels of government concerning future proposed land development plans which may compromise the biological diversity of Bowen Island and its surrounding areas;
  7. Hold or administer, through conservation covenants or other legal means, the establishment, protection and management of environmentally sensitive areas and conservation heritage areas;
  8. Raise money, acquire funds, accept gifts or other assistance, and own, by purchase, donation, covenant or otherwise, land or personal property and manage such property or exchange, rent, lease or sell that property to further the purposes of the Society;
  9. Undertake anything incidental and necessary to promote and attain the Society’s purposes.