Caring for Nature

The Nex̱wlélex̱wm/Bowen Island Biodiversity Conservation Initiative

Nature is part of our identity

We have chosen to call Bowen Island home. For many of us, a key reason is our shared desire to connect with the rich natural world that envelops and supports us, where the beauty and tranquility of Nature are a daily comfort.

The natural landscape forms the backbone of our community's identity and well-being, and we deeply care about the plants, the animals, and the ecosystems that support us all.
Unfortunately, we also know that Nature on our island faces threats of habitat loss and a changing climate. We witness first-hand the effects of drought, development and invasive species.

The Caring for Nature initiative provides the community an opportunity, through science and community values, to add new layers of insight and options for the future and to play a more strategic role in facing the challenges ahead.

Let the future of Bowen be one of respect for our most valuable resources—our parks, forests, waterways, fish and fauna.
- Bowen Island resident
Garter Snake by John Dowler

Be a part of this journey to recognize and enhance the natural heritage of Bowen Island.

The Caring for Nature initiative will use a collaborative and iterative process to find the scientific data needed to assess the diversity and health of species and their habitats on Bowen. In public workshops with Bowen residents, we will review what we learn from science, weigh the situation, identify threats and gaps in the data for protecting sensitive species and ecosystems, and suggest priorities.

The Caring for Nature Initiative brings together individuals, groups, and local government to plan, implement, and monitor biodiversity conservation on Bowen.

Together, we can support Nature in sustaining all who call this island home. Please join us.


View this four-minute video by Bob Turner for an overview of the Initiative. Explore our website for more details. And consider getting involved in Caring for Nature!





June 15 - August 16

Photo Contest


June 29, 10am - noon

Table at Farmers Market

Bowen Island Community School

July 8, 1pm 

Presentation to BIM Council

Bowen Island Municipal Hall, Council Chambers

July 27, 10am - noon

Table at Farmers Market

Bowen Island Community School

August 24

Booth display, Bowfest; photo contest winners announced

Bowfest Field, Crippen Park

September 21, 1pm

Bob Turner presentation to the Garden Club (open to the public)

Collins Hall

October, 2024 (final date to be determined)

Caring for Nature Open House

To be determined

November, 2024 (final date to be determined)

Caring for Nature Workshop

To be determined

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