CRC article irks reader

by James West
Bowen Island Undercurrent, Dec 21, 2007

I find it ironic that development plans for Cape Roger Curtis could be classified as “beyond comprehensive” in its stipulation that it be permitted to build and sell 1,000 units. I found the token green spaces and “extended care facilities” transparent as meaningless little carrots designed to entice a naive Bowen citizenry. I left thinking there was no way such a blatant, high density cash cow would be allowed to proceed. Your [CRC plan beyond comprehensive, the Undercurrent, Dec. 7 by Julie Andrés] article gives me pause in that belief. 1,000 new homes will almost surely be followed by MccDonalds, Starbucks, Burger King and all the other faceless franchises that are among the many features that make Bowen unique in their absence. And the remarkably glaring question of insufficient ferry capacity remains.

Why is that we are unable to get the collective sentiment of the island’s population incorporated into the plan, which clearly leads toward preservation and non-development? Bowen is perched precariously on the edge of becoming just like everywhere else. Supporting this plan in its current iteration is beyond belief, and will ultimately place Bowen beyond redemption.