Crucial Meeting Set for Jan 10 07

The negotiations surrounding the development permits for the Cape Roger Curtis Lands are reaching a crucial stage. Soon, Isabell Hadford must rule on the latest plan, for 58 ten- acre lots. She has given notice of a Public Meeting for January 10th at Cates Hill Chapel at 7:15 p.m. for the purpose of providing area residents with an update on the status of the subdivision application and to hear from all persons that the Approving Officer considers are affected by the subdivision.

This is a VITAL meeting for supporters of the Cape to attend as it is the ONLY opportunity for public input. If you are unable to attend we urge you to write to Isabell Hadford about how you would be affected if this development were to go ahead and we lost the Cape. Please copy your letter to Mayor Bob Turner and Councilors (Lisa Barrett, Peter Frinton, David Hocking, Alison Morse, Lisa Shatzky, and David Wrinch.)

Possible Points to Consider:

  • strongly urge consideration of the public interest as defined in Council’s
    own resolution of Feb.13 2006
  • preservation of wild coastline
  • public walking trails
  • environmental protection where appropriate
  • the need for clustering to maximize green space
  • need to minimize or mitigate impact of development on adjacent
    neighbourhoods and the whole island

Other points include:

  • need for public parkland and trails at the south end of the island
  • preserve and protect mandate
  • preserving wild coast a goal in OCP and GVRD master plan
  • CRC as a cultural heritage site
  • rare species and habitat types
  • more research needed re ecology of shoreline/intertidal zone
  • risk to fragile marine environment (e.g., shallow mussel beds) from construction-related runoff
  • dedication of part to public (or acquisition of whole by public) would allow involvement of BI Conservancy, GVRD, etc. to help in developing infrastructure to protect environmentally sensitive areas from damage
  • any sensitive areas within residential subdivision should be protected with non-disturbance covenants
  • CRC as spiritual sanctuary
  • need for holistic planning/growth management strategy
  • regional significance of CRC and our inevitable collective embarrassment if Bowen allows the crown jewel of its coastline to become nothing more than another high end residential development
  • public opinion survey commissioned by CRCTS that showed strong support for park at CRC
  • inadequacy of CRCJV’s environmental study–while consultant used was highly reputable, only one plant survey conducted, and that at wrong time of year to locate and identify many of the property’s rare plants
  • important position of CRC in the proposed Cove-to-Cape Greenway (“Island of Walks”) that the BI Conservancy, the Susainable Community Committee and others have been working towards which will yield many long-term benefits for Bowen residents and visitors

– Directors, Cape Roger Curtis Trust Society