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Discovering Kwilákm: a website guide

What’s beneath the surface of the Bay?

For thousands of years, the Squamish people harvested shellfish in the estuary where Bowen’s Terminal Creek drains into the sea. They called this place Kwilákm: Clam Bay. We know it as Deep Bay, and also as Mannion Bay.

Kwilákm is both a centre of human history on Bowen Island, and a place highly valued by many wild species. Fish, eelgrass, water birds, migrating shorebirds, and the small creatures they pursue all call Kwilákm home.

The Discovering Kwilákm website

Following the publication of Exploring Bowen’s Marine World: A Marine Atlas of Nex̱wlélex̱wem/Bowen Island in 2020, the Bowen Island Conservancy has created the Discovering Kwilákm website.

On Sunday, March 26, from 3:00-5:00 pm, we held an Open House at the Library Annex, so that people could come and explore the whole watershed with us, from the high ground to the deep waters: who lives where; how natural systems work; and ways in which the natural world may be affected by climate change.

We had videos exploring the entire waterway and lagoon, Will Husby brought his microscope so that people could watch living marine creatures close up, and we gave everyone a tour of the Discovering Kwilákm website. As well, the Bowen Nature Club hosted an optional walk to the Causeway and Sandy Beach.

Photos from the event (courtesy Len Gilday)