Draft Terms of Reference for CRC Neighbourhood Concept Plan

March 31, 2005—Planners Michael Rosen and Gina Mackay have prepared a draft of the terms of reference for the Neighbourhood Concept Plan for the Cape Roger Curtis lands. This draft will be presented by Michael and Gina to Council at the Committee of the Whole (COW) meeting on Monday, November 15 (7:00 pm). Please review this draft and bring your comments/questions/concerns to the COW meeting. Areas of concern already noted by some CRCTS members include the following.

  • The proposed Steering Committee only includes representatives of the owners and municipal planning staff. Should there be elected or appointed representatives from the community on the Steering Committee?
  • The preamble in the Planning Issues section (B) refers to a number of issues that “have already emerged” related to the CRC lands, but makes no mention of the well demonstrated and documented community interest in preserving a significant portion of these lands as parkland. Should it?
  • Section C of the draft provides the “Property Owner’s Expectations” for the planning process, but there is no corresponding section giving the “Bowen Island Municipality’s Expectations”. Should there be?

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