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16-Oct: The Great Howe Sound Recovery comes to Bowen Island!

We were very pleased to be able to bring the Great Howe Sound Recovery film and speaker event to Bowen Island, on Saturday, November 5th.

Howe Sound is home to vibrant communities, strong economies, and stunning nature, which attracts locals and visitors alike. Together with the David Suzuki Foundation we screened four short films and lead a discussion about the ongoing recovery of the Sound.

  • Hosted by Sarika Cullis-Suzuki, Roy Mulder’s film took us on an underwater tour of the glass sponge gardens and bioherms in Howe Sound, and also focused on the amazing work of Glen Dennison in studying and protecting these newly discovered organisms.
  • Bob and Tim Turner’s film will took us on a 6 day journey exploring the newly established Sea to Sky Marine Trail—the western-most extension of the Trans Canada Trail—where kayakers can journey the waters of Howe Sound and overnight at one of the 6 newly established camping spots.
  • A film sponsored by the Conservancy profiles marine scientist Ramona de Graaf and her amazing work protecting and teaching about our forage fish, and our need for healthy beaches showed why the “wee fish” are so essential to the marine food chain, to the diet of the Chinook salmon we put on our barbecues, and which are food for the Orcas we love to discover in the wild.
  • A film profiled citizen scientist/activist John Buchanan and his inspiring work documents the recovery of herring in the Sound, and of the return of Pink salmon to many of our once-decimated streams.

The evening concluded with an engaging discussion on the threats and opportunities for the recovery of Howe Sound, with several panelists, moderated by Stephen Foster:

  • Maya Broeke: Quest University student and researcher on Howe Sound’s marine recovery
  • Roy Mulder: Underwater videographer and activist
  • Bob Turner: Geologist and former mayor of Bowen Island
  • John Buchanan: Environmentalist and citizen scientist
  • Jessica Schultz: Research coordinator, Vancouver Aquarium’s Howe Sound Research and Conservation Group