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15-Dec: Help identify areas of special natural interest

We have been contacted by Jeremy Howe, of the Parks, Trails and Greenways Advisory Committee, who asked us to post the following:

The Parks, Trails and Greenways Advisory Committee has begun an initiative to identify areas of special natural interest on Bowen’s crown lands. The intent is to provide an inventory of places embodying unique ecological, scenic, and recreational value and to flag them as worthy of preservation–an objective congruent with the preserve and protect mandate of the Island’s Trust. The recent tree farm licensing issues on Gambier Island have impressed the urgency of this effort.

If anyone in the Conservancy wishes to contact me regarding areas of Crown Land on the island that they have come upon that may be worthy of this special consideration, I will arrange for a Committee review and perhaps eventual inclusion in the inventory. This is an open and ongoing invitation to any concerned individuals. My email is “”.

It should be noted that any such identified ‘special’ areas will be recognized for incorporation into the broader concept of natural greenways–the essential connections required of any healthy ecosystem.