It’s all in the numbers-–hundreds of houses are just too many

by Don Maclean
February 08, 2008, Bowen Island Undercurrent

Yes Virginia, size matters, particularly population size that has to be absorbed by a struggling infrastructure that has enough problems fixing potholes. Completely ignoring all the wonderful amenities and beachfront parks that are continually being used as a lure to support substantial development, I’ll restrict my observations to numbers. If we return to the original proposed development at CRC it is obvious to anyone who can count on their hands that 60 houses will result in at least 120 adults, 150 kids, dozens of nannies and gardeners, 100 or so more cars on the ferry each day and way way too many golden Labradors.

So you can see that it begs the question: why would a group of fervent activists work night and day in an attempt to exchange a chunk of parkland and a few hundred feet of beachfront for the right for CRC to build hundreds and hundreds of units at that end of Bowen?

Hey … you do the math.