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20-Jan: Stories from the Bay

A Zoom event about Kwil’akm / Mannion Bay

The Howe Sound / Átl’ḵa7tsem Marine Reference Guide is hosting a Zoom event in January, with SeaChange Marine Conservation Society and Bowen Island Municipality called ‘Stories from the Bay’.

It will be an evening of storytelling about Kwil’akm / Mannion Bay with stories from the community and a few presentations from groups who are actively restoring and taking care of the Bay.

The objective of this storytelling event is to build community, share information about the stewardship and management activities in the bay, and catalyse community engagement for nearshore restoration. It is a wonderful opportunity to hear stories submitted from individuals about their stewardship and connection with Mannion Bay. We are looking for positive stories and videos from individuals about Mannion Bay located on Bowen Island in Howe Sound.

Ways to get involved