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Our letter to the Bowen Island Undercurrent, October 2011

A National Park for Bowen

The Bowen Island Conservancy has a stewardship role with the objectives of conserving, protecting, sustaining and enhancing the quality of the natural environment and heritage of Bowen Island. Our organisation seeks to participate in and contribute to the management of Bowen Island’s natural resources. Consequently it is appropriate that we formally declare our position regarding the Revised National Park Concept in the context of conservation.

The Board of Directors has concluded that the approach taken by Parks Canada on environmental issues is closely aligned with the Mission Statement and Purposes of the Conservancy. We believe that the experience, expertise and financial strength of Parks Canada will provide strong support for our conservation objectives on Bowen. In addition, our local nature organizations and residents of Bowen have extensive local knowledge and skills which can complement the management and operation of the National Park Reserve.

Bowen Island Conservancy therefore supports the concept of a National Park on Bowen and encourages the continued analysis and investigation of how the concept can be further developed and refined to the benefit of our natural lands/creatures, residents and visitors alike.

However, we have concerns about the details of the final agreement on the composition of the Park and how it should be managed. Consequently, Bowen Island Conservancy is keen to be part of the on-going discussions to ensure that the agreement reflects the local circumstances and unique character of the lands on Bowen and the long term objectives of conservation, stewardship and effective protection of our natural heritage.

From: Board of Directors of Bowen Island Conservancy
(Ellen Coburn, Peter Drake, Rob Dufty, Andrea Kaufman, Laura Koch, Owen Plowman, Josephine Riley, Adrian van Lidth de Jeude, Everhard van Lidth de Jeude, Alan Whitehead)

CC: Parks Canada, Bowen Island Municipality, Mayor and Council