Beasts of Bowen Island/Nexwlélexm

An amphibian and reptile Discovery Guide

If you stand among the trees and ferns, it’s easy to believe that you are alone. But, if you look closely and are lucky, you may discover some wonderful wild things. Elusive and mostly undetected, they are all around us. Like magical creatures, the newts, salamanders, snakes, lizards, and frogs slip into view and then vanish in a moment.

The critical need to preserve existing ecosystems and to create healthy habitats in our own backyard is undeniable. The Discovery Guide was created by Louise Loik and published by the Conservancy to highlight the many species of amphibians and reptiles that are sharing the island with us, and that are an important part of our local ecosystem. It’s an informative and useful resource that is available to island residents and visitors, chock full of photos and stories about local species.

Thanks to our donor

We are very grateful to our principal donor, Andy Wright and the Willow Grove Foundation, for a significant contribution that made development of the Discovery Guide possible.

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Purchase your copy for $20 at Phoenix, in Village Square.

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