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27-Jun: Oystercatchers are nesting: do not disturb

Now is the time when Oystercatchers are nesting on the coastal islets around Bowen Island and elsewhere in Howe Sound. This year the only nesting site close to Bowen Island that we are aware of is on Onion Island, close to Tunstall Bay.

The population of Oystercatchers is limited, and restricted by habitat requirements and predation. Oystercatchers are ground nesters, often choosing a high, exposed location, and creating a shallow depression surrounded by shell fragments. Their eggs and chicks are camouflaged, but very vulnerable to trauma from walkers or dogs.

Nesting success this year is likely to be improved if you are aware of Oystercatchers at this vulnerable time, and restrict your activities on local islets until after the birds have fledged. In particular, please do not take your dogs on your exploration trips.