Videos from around the Sound

A collection of beautiful films made by Bob Turner

Bob Turner, who is resident of Bowen Island, retired scientist, former mayor, and a member of the Conservancy Board, makes short, beautiful films to collect and share the stories of Wild Nature in Atl’kitsem/Howe Sound.

These are available on YouTube in Bob’s channel (search for “Bob Turner, Howe Sound”), but we list them here for your convenience.

Bob is seen here at the October 2019 Marine Atlas Open House, standing in front of the draft Atlas pages (click on the image to see the full-size photo).

Exploring our Estuary

In the summer of 2020, Bob explored Mannion Bay, our Island’s “front door”, from Terminal Creek, through the Lagoon, to the Bay, and saw it for what it is: a rich mixing zone of stream and ocean. It was an eye-opener for him; so much wild living, so close to home.

Sea Lion Anchovy Dance

Over the past two years, April and May have become “sea lion season” along the shores of Bowen Island: a delight for islanders and the newest step forward in the ongoing recovery of marine mammals in Atl’ka7tsem / Howe Sound. Many of us have watched sea lions feed on schools of fish and wondered what was going on below the surface. Here’s a peek from 2020.

Tide Pool!

Bob spent an afternoon in April 2020 floating in a big tide pool in outer Atl’ka7tsem/Howe Sound, fascinated by the extraordinary density of tiny and exotic life that was all around.

Shore explore

Scott Slater, our local school principal, approached Bob in early April 2020 about recording a snorkel swim he wanted to do to promote outdoor learning to his students during COVID-19. So Bob joined Scott and his twin brother Brad for what turned out to be a very memorable and light hearted shoreline explore. The sun was bright, the ocean clear, and there was lots of marine life about.

I am Atl’ka7tsem Howe Sound

This short film is Bob’s tribute to the spirit and web of life in our coastal inlet of Atl’ka7tsem/Howe Sound, this Squamish Arm of the Salish Sea.

Celebrating the Welcome Pole, Nex̱wlélex̱wem / Bowen Island

In June 2019, a Welcome Pole was unveiled at Bowen Island Community School on Nex̱wlélex̱wem / Bowen Island. The Pole is a collaboration between the carver, Winadzi James, members of Squamish Nation that led the blessing ceremonies, and students and staff of Bowen Island Community School. Winadzi designed the Pole based on input from students, and so there are lovely touches such as a wolf that wears a police officer’s hat representing community first responders, and an eagle that holds a book representing our educators.

Herring: why kill the foundation of the Salish Sea?

We need to support efforts to stop the commercial herring fishery in the Salish Sea. Bob has made this film to encourage us to understand why the herring are so important.

The Seal, Howe Sound/Atl’kitsem

In March of 2019. Bob had a remarkable encounter with a young seal while out for a swim in the outer islands of Howe Sound.

Return of Humpback Whales

Since 2010, Humpback whales have returned to Howe Sound after a century of absence. Late in 2018, off the west side of Bowen Island, Bob had a number of remarkable encounters with three whales whose names he learned.

Celebrating the Fircom Welcome Figure, Gambier Island

This movie, a collaboration with Stephen Foster (a Bowen Island resident), records the raising of a Squamish Nation Welcome Figure at Camp Fircom on Gambier Island in September 2018. The respect and humour of Squamish Nation members, the way they honoured the Welcome Figure, its carver, their people, and the site in “the right way”, was very moving. Thanks to the United Church of Canada for commissioning the Welcome Figure and hosting the ceremony, to the K’xwu7lh Canoe Family for conducting the ceremony, and to Stephen for making it all happen. Perhaps we will one day see such a Welcome Figure on Bowen Island?