Walk Your Talk Inside and Outside

by Sylvie Deselliers
Bowen Island Undercurrent, January 18, 2008

To those of us triggered by the attitude of the owner of the Cape Roger Curtis and to those willing to reach a higher level of understanding and consciousness regarding that experience, I have to say that we need to have a better look at ourselves.

It’s human to pretend that they are the bad guys and we are the victims, but it’s hard to put my head in the sand when things go differently than expected without asking the question: How did we create this scenario where we are facing the abuse of power, lack of vision and respect that is now menacing a piece of our land that is so vulnerable and precious?

Our outside reality is a reflection of our inside reality. Is it possible that the conflict between them and us is actually a reflection of our own stuff? Is it right to pretend that the profit, instead of the best interest of Bowen, is the first goal of the owners? Don’t we sometimes put our health and well-being at risk in an attempt to have a better quality of life, while lying to ourselves about the real reason: to have more money, but not necessarily a happier life?

Don’t we treat our heart, the most lovable part of our body, with less consideration than they do for the Cape, often leaving the weight of painful memories and worries to suppress our expression of gratitude? Don’t we intentionally close our ears to that inner voice imploring attention and respect of our own boundaries? Let the person who has never treated her heart, body and soul with the same attitude throw the first stone.

I see life as being a journey of experiences and I find in this an opportunity to grow consciously, individually and as a community. Therefore, I invite those who, like me, are concerned about the Cape to go within and spend time honouring the nature of your own private land, yourself. Only then will we see the manifestation of new possibilities.