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18-Jun: What’s so important about “the wee fish”?

For the last two years the Conservancy has been conducting a Forage Fish program on beaches around Bowen Island. Volunteers have been sampling the beaches looking for evidence that Pacific Sand Lance, Capelin, and Surf Smelt spawn on our sandy and pebble beaches.

Forage Fish species are the cornerstone of marine food webs and are essential food for seabirds, marine mammals, and fish. If we want to see salmon and whales thrive, we need to protect the beach habitat that is critical for Forage Fish spawning.

The Conservancy and the David Suzuki Foundation have sponsored the production of a short video, featuring Ramona de graaf of the Sea Watch Society, who leads this citizen science sampling project around the Salish Sea (you will also see other familiar faces in the video!). Ramona usually ends her email messages with the line “… for the wee fish …”, and in the video she explains why beach protection and the sampling project are so important.